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Going to D*C.
Working crazy hours (it's slowed down though, from last year. Now it's two or three days a week at 12+ hours instead of five.)

Still going to D*C anyway. So.

Anyone want to do a friends request thing?
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Anyone who can guess why I thought it was a good idea to, for the Werewolf LARP I'm in, attempt to render another player's backstory in iambic pentameter - and announce this to the other players ahead of time - I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

I need to avoid having it happen again.

The whole thing is angst and orphanages all the way down. Except when it's weird absent parents and generations long curses. (Interlocking backstory weirdness, we have cubs (including me) holding positions of power because there isn't anyone more senior who doesn't have a vital job... you know, all the crazy.)

Also work is in the middle of the pre-freeze foundation permit rush. Whee!
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Just not at Milliways. Alas.
I did bang out a couple hundred words of Worm fanfic. I even had more than one character with dialog at a time in it, which is not my strongest point.

Slowly spinning back up to tagging form, that's the plan.


Sep. 24th, 2013 07:12 pm
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So, there's a book that I wanted to read and it comes out soon. Normally, this would be good news.

Being a sensible sort, I looked at buying the ebook as part of a bundle. I've got the storage to handle some extra digital literature when I can't in hardcopy and I thought I'd been careful.

I wasn't careful enough.

I accidentally paid money for a book by Tom Kratman. I'm so sorry.

I'm donating to Welcome to Night Vale to try and balance it out.
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Milli-peeps at Dragon*Con!

There was something about a getting together. Did that go anywhere?

(I also haven't arranged a phone number that works yet for Atlanta, but I have a Kindle with me so I'll be able to check my email.)

EDIT: Phone now arranged! Email for number.


Jul. 8th, 2013 09:51 pm
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So, an important note.

Filling one's very elderly bike tires using the air compressor is fast.

Being six inches from the inner tube when it bursts is very loud.

I might just take the bus tomorrow. You know, when the ringing stops?
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I am not under water. Much of the province is, but not quite the parts I am in.

I am not dead from work. I may even stop sweating cola flavoring sometime this week.

I have been commuting by bicycle instead of by bus. I am more acclimated to it now - Friday is still a bit rough though.

And I'm all out of verbiage. Whoops!
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I'm going to try an exercise routine.

Nothing huge really. Some extra cardio every second day. Tweaking my diet a touch - less starch, more veg - that sort of thing.

I'll write in to report results as they come.

200 and hopefully counting down.
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So work is still crazy, but no one really want to hear about that. Least of all me.

Instead I will tell you about my sister the rowing coach.
This morning, she was up at just after 5AM because there were texts to her phone about one of the coach boats down at the river being missing. (Stolen, really, the chain was cut.)

So this morning, she had to stop in at the police station to report some piracy.

The boat has been recovered since then. Based on the sticks found in it when it drifted to a stop, it looks like it was stolen and abandoned when it turned out that poling a boat along the river is work.

Who knew?


Feb. 14th, 2013 09:40 pm
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Today had work run long, the weather turn cold and a bunch of other things that don't matter.

What does matter is this: I got my membership postcard for Dragon*Con 2013 today.

Everything is full of nerds and nothing hurts.
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Dear Subconscious,
We are not a smoker. We have never been a smoker.
If I'm going to dream about a vice, let it be one I actually indulge in.
Also, while we're here, you can tell the body to remember that taste buds are supposed to work all day and that the cough is only happening to a fictional character, not out in the real world.

Going to go break out the sweaters,

RP poking

Sep. 20th, 2012 12:08 pm
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So, new potential headvoice. Good.
Wouldn't, in fact, break canon or the Bar. Good. (Seriously, this is a problem if I tried something like any incarnation of Marc Dusqueen. Man makes Lex Luthor look like a light weight.)
He's from a book. Trickier. It's been a while since I've done anything where I couldn't start with screen capping.

Anyone want to recommend a few teenage boy PBs? Modern setting if that changes things up.
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Right. One day of work left before I catch a plane to Atlanta.

I should... *pokes email links* check in sometime tomorrow apparently. My brain is basically pudding. Gah.

I hate these long full days.

At least I'm packed and everything is paid for. Even if I can't figure out what part of one of my shoes is bringing up Blisters while the other is fine and comfortable.
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Also enough water that it was like someone had just turned over a bucket. Seriously, there a flooded neighborhoods and one of the major east-west roads has sections that look more like a lake than tarmac.

Which is why I'm awake enough to write this and not just be staggering from the bathroom to the stove to cook an egg. Something, maybe extra loud thunder, I don't know, around 4AM woke me up and I didn't manage to get back to sleep.

So, body clock is going to be transposed about two hours. If I pass out earlier from tagging Millifolk, you'll know why.

(Oh hey, weather folks on the radio predict a 60% chance for even more lightning this afternoon. Fun times!)
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So, um, I'm kind of behind on things.

Anyone from Milliways going to D*C and wouldn't mind another wallet to split the cost? (I really should have booked things two months ago, yes.)

EDIT: Hotel booked a half hour walk away from the Con. I have a sofa sleeper, apparently, in addition to the bed. Good to know.

Comments screened for privacy purposes.
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For anyone who plays or used to play at [community profile] milliways_bar and hasn't been following the back room lately: Milliways is moving to Dreamwidth!

They're using the opportunity to free up many old and retired characters for play, as well as to preserve as much of Milliways' history on Dreamwidth as possible against the possibility of LJ going kersplut.

To decide what will happen to your character, help back up the game to Dreamwidth, and to see how you'll retain control over all your content, head on over here.
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Moving Friday. Still not done packing things from around my room. Uncertain about what internet will be like around the move date.

When did I get all this junk? Why did I think I needed to buy that many books on the Templars, or Atlantis, or boxed AD&D settings? Sure they were all on sale at the time...

I know why I ended up with five empty butter cookie tins, but why, oh why, did I keep the blamed things? Just having them off in a corner is no excuse.

Send help, and hard candy. Toffee keeps me from screaming in terror properly.
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This past weekend was the local science fiction convention. On Sunday I was stopping on my way in to run a few errands at a mall downtown. Not the closest place to do it, but on the rail line and all the stops are essentially no distance from each other as far as effort on my part goes.

The rail stop and the mall are connected by tunnel. Which is only sensible given that the temperature was in the neighborhood of -15C (5F for those of you south of the border) BEFORE the windchill came into play. In the tunnel there is a point were things are wider and buskers often set up shop.

Joy of joys, the one present as I passed through was able to carry a tune. Better than that I recognized the song to sing along in my head. Not unusual - my parents gifted me with a solid love of folk music and wide ranging listening habits. Then I recognized what I was subvocalizing along with.


Yeah, I left a couple bucks.
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So today I go to Atlanta for Dragon*Con, and I have nothing set up to run into people.

Tag in here if you want to set up some sort of a meeting, or throw something to my email and we can hold our schedules up against each other and we'll see what overlaps.


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Some days I love the internet and how it enables me.

Nanking cherry plants, care and recepies.

I have the fruit soaking off the stones in a bowl upstairs even now.
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