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This is where I realise that I know more about getting around on trains in London England or Atlanta Georgia than I do in Calgary Alberta.

So much for traveling locally.
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I've been watching Rio -Rainbow Gate!- on Crunchyroll. It's not what I'd call riveting, but there looks like there might be a plot hiding somewhere behind all the fan service. A small one anyway. Also, credit where it's due, the fact that the whole thing is set at a casino does a lot to handwave the outfits that show up.

Moving on, I think that most of the people who watch anime are, by now, familiar with the battle aura you get around the tough fighters and it's ilk. This show marks what I for me is the first time I've seen a luck aura, but the main character is a dealer, so sure.

And since there are limits to how tensely you can animate a game of cards we'll have that represented by a different game that involves skimpy outfits - like beach volleyball. Fine. I'm all right with that too.

But what I'd like to hear is if anyone can explain why the main character has an aura full of plants. Seriously, she turns the juice up and the next thing you know the screen is full of vines and leaves. Anyone?
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Power is power. That is one of the underpinnings of the work. Electricity can run any curse or charm you like and usually does. It’s easy to turn on and off, ready for surges and it’s clean. Not flavored like working with sacrifices or times of year or even the human mind. You need other things to pull it all together, money mostly. You can not pay the utilities in vouchers woven up from their own electricity - it just will not take. So well sell our effects for real cash and real favors and we use that to buy real electricity.

Some of the younger crew want to try stand co-generators, but that mean you need more paperwork and more records and that leaves a trail. They will not do that here and when the witch-finders come they will have to leave it all behind and start again. It is easier to just buy from the utility in the first place and not buy the stock. It keeps things impersonal. Flavorless.

Some days I go crazy and attempt something original )
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I do better in a routine. I like a little structure, most people do I think. You get up, get clean, get dressed, eat and do something that makes the universe better.

Sort some files. Build a box. Throw out a pile of junk that was clogging your life.

Some days I will settle for reading an idea that’s new to me if nobody else.

Most days actually.

I need a new routine. One with more accomplishments in it.

And money. Because there’s no way I’m going to save enough to retire on if I don’t have a job.
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Something is redirecting my Google searches in Chrome away from Wikipedia to add sites. I really hope I can solve this without resorting to the sort of annual salt and burn of the harddrive.
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There is a small article that is, to all appearances, the corner stone of a field of study that one of the NocaSises is involved in.

It is: Richard Toop, 'Four Facets of "The New Complexity" ', Contact, no. 32. (Spring 1988), pp.4-50.

It's not available to anyone. Google doesn't have it scanned. Searches just aren't working. Send help.

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Internets, I thought I was a bad writer. I thought that I abused commas like Red Green with Duct Tape.

That was before I found Reasoning With Vampires. Stephenie Meyer makes me look like a freaking miser with commas and ellipses and sentence fragments. It's all very reassuring.

Well not as a reader mind you, but as someone who occasionally dabbles in content production.
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Who wants to put something in orbit?

8,000USD for a pound and a half in orbit for a couple of months.

Plus, naval defense lasers.

The pieces for that fully armed and operational battlestation are really coming together.
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Here we go again. Even less than usual this time, due to extra digressions and arguments that had nothing to do with D&D, let alone the game. They weren't even funny digressions, alas.

High Points
  • Relationship with the Not!Gypsies and Dame Edna remain friendly. (Must remember to bring out the pickpockets...)
  • Powers from the Swamp Fane: Claimed!
  • Dire Wolves: Defeated, but not all killed.
  • They set off a 20 foot tall pillar of flame in the process. That should provide reason for the authorities to take an active issue. It's not like it has to complete with Loglow or gas well flaring in Bavoria.

Memorable Quotes
  • "I don't think you have the levels [in Heal] to handle being stuffed and mounted."
  • "I'll just write a letter to the Kobold Anti-Defamation League!"
  • "That'll pickle their gherkins!"
  • "You know, Howling Wolves All Around Me would make a great band name." "So a track would be, In the Place of My Birth?" "No, that's an album It's Cold and I'm Hungry's a track."
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I'm in roughly three D&D games right now. Running one and playing in two. These are Ravenloft, Eberron Noir and Demon House.

Now, we have trouble staying in genre as players. So, um, things aren't always what they say on the tin. So I'm making an effort to correct some view that might be wrong on these that could have cropped up.

Ebberron Noir is supposed to be black, bleak and corrupt. Instead we break into places by using the fact that one of the players in a licensed sewer inspector with forged PI papers. As such it's less Chandler and a more Buffy. Possibly some Adam West Batman in there, but that's mostly because I renamed our police contact to Commissioner Gordon.

Similarly, the magical frat house is neither Buffy, nor Harry Potter, but more like Animal House. I, um, may have been declared to have been involved in an incident where we took apart the Dean's horse and reassembled it on the roof of his house. A tragic act of type casting that results from playing a necromancer. Yes.

Ravenloft, instead of gothic horror is turning out much more like the Venture Borthers. Which is what helps make the writeup funny yes, but still.

Hope this clarifies things,
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It's that time again campers.
They're still doing really well. I don't think we've had a fight run for more than two rounds either. Ah well.

High Points
  • PCs make the checks for Dame Edna Madam Eva to actually explain things. The travel itinerary is set up: Church, waterfall, a series of vigils about the area and a fight with the Baron. Should be wrapped in no time.
  • The assault on the church to stop the zombie attacks was conducted by jumping through the roof. Opponent spell casters continue to be taken out by things like throwing bears at them.
  • Followed the river up to the falls, fought a crazy dwarf trapper. (Which I'm sure I've fought in somebody else's game. Right down to the pile of sleeping furs. It's bugging me...)

Memorable Quotes
  • "Shamans in the north use Ice to Flesh to help feed the tribe in lean times."
  • "I have knowledge geopgraphy, so I know things about waterfalls; like how to chase them." "I don't." "Well that one should stick with the rivers and the lakes that he's used to."
  • "Attacking the ground to prevent taking damage - like the Hulk!"
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'Cause we sure ain't fast enough for a run here.

Except those flying snow weasels. Shoot but those things boogie.

High Points
  • They defeated the zombie attack in the town square. Easily.
  • Then they replaced the barricades of debris with a couple castings of Wall of Stone. (He'll run out of spell castings. Eventually. Friggin' Bowie...)
  • Talks came next with the local Paladin figure and the local knighthood of Totally Not EvilTM. I'm expecting the call for substitution levels to come soon.
  • Next on the agenda, after another pair of snow weasels, was a trip to Madam Eva the head of the Gypsies Vistanis.

Memorable Quotes
  • "What happens in Bavoria, stays in Bavoria." "Except mummy rot. That's forever." "I told you to stop licking the undead!"
  • "It starts like a Christmas special and ends like a German safety video."
  • "What was the name again Madam..." "Dame Edna!"
  • "If you slap a solipist, it's not your fault!"
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Last night I started running the guys through the 3.5 Ravenloft version. We play slowly, so there were only three minor fights during the session.

High Points
  • They were riding illusionary flying snow weasels

  • They oiled the gate into the region, to get rid of that creepy squeaking

  • Then they tinkered with fixing the decapitated statues along side it

  • The major spell caster is a sort of kobold David Bowie

  • His good buddy is another kobold with OCD issues about closed doors. Vestiges.

Memorable Quotes
  • "What doesn't kill me makes me weaker? Is that the Reverse Nietzsche Gambit?"

  • "The Double Reverse Nietzsche Gambit!" "So Life Drain then?"

  • "Kind of like dorm cooking. 'What can I cook on my lighter??'"
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Dear Weather,
I know that it can be hard to remember the correct date at the start of a new month. I also know that this month starts with the letters 'M' and 'A'.


This is the month of May not the the month of March.

Please, please go back to rain. That doesn't need to be shoveled.

Feet wet from the slush,
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I got new drawings to work from at 15 minutes before the end of regular office hours on a project that has a meeting tomorrow this morning.

Frell but I need sleep now.

UPDATE: Guess what meeting got canceled as a quarter after eight. Gah people, just gah.
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Once upon a time* I said I'd have photos. I've taken a few since then. so, um, photo dump under the cuts? Click the thumbnails for the full sizes, you know the drill.

Animethon '09 )
Pure Spec '09 )
What happened to the house near to a friend's place or Why you keep the heat on around here. )
The LARP is going well, I think. We may be running towards gonzo-ism, but it'll be a fun fall. Now it's to be early to bed so I can do the usual early Monday meeting.

* August of 2009. Oops?
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Dear Metabolism,

Just because there's a LARP starting up on Friday does not mean I need to sleep for two people now. A persona modeled loosely on Gomez Addams will be fine great on sleep deprivation and caffeine any way. Get back to normal or something but get over this. Lent's coming up, and that's no fun for anyone even without this.

Nodding off on the train,
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I demand a recount.

Yesterday the international airport outside of town said we hit -46 C, making us the second coldest place on the planet that had people to notice.

Normally I like winter (though fall is better). Plenty of layers, a good furnace and pots of tea cover a wide range of temperatures. This is nuts. My nose hurt on the way to the train this morning from the cold because with the gap between the eye pieces there was nothing covering that part of my body.

Cold is all well and good, but if I'm not spending the day under a layer of blankets, there has to be limits.

And then it's supposed to be up around -4C (about 25F) by Friday.

This isn't weather, it's ambushes!

If anyone needs me, I'll be turning the thermostat up again.
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Or rather it was, being as how Animethon 16 has wrapped three hours and change ago.

Got a nice pocket watch, saw some shows I'll no doubt end up torrenting fansubs of for a second look, laughed at the AMVs.

More details and some pictures when I don't feel like I'm going to faceplant into the keyboard.

Woooooooooooooooooooooo! *falls over*
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I pulled most all of this from the Open Manufacturing list. For people living in small, rectangular spaces.

Example cases, so I'm not just making things up )
The proposed next step in the OM list was to try and make this usable for the urban nomad. IE wedge yourself in between two sets of adds, bootleg the power you need from the lights and catch your water from rain.

It's a fun design challenge, but I wouldn't want to live there. Not long term.
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