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Now most of us have seen JJ!Trek at least once.

And even if you haven't this is based on the trailers.

(So I'm late. So sue me.)

You know, I'd forgotten how much Shattner slouched in that chair.
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Alright. First point - people will tell you things like you can't pay off sleep debt by sleeping late one day a week and that it's not healthy.

I don't care. Sleeping late Saturdays keeps me sane enough to function, so bugger off.

Second point - where can I buy an iPod touch in this town with more than 8GB of memory? Seriously. (What? I'm coming to the whole iPod thing late in the game. I've generally had stereos available to me before now.)

Third point - the house now has four pianos in it. FOUR. The instruments will rise up and kill us all one night.

Fourth point - I might not have had enough sleep yet. (Goes, rereads the point before.) Yeah, probably not enough sleep. Unfortunately, it's a quarter to three in the afternoon, so time to be up anyway.

Fifth point - Will be getting a new desktop real soon now. Hopefully one that works. (Sounds of percussive maintenance from off-screen. Post damn you.)

Sixth point - Deadline for Animethon pre-reg looms quickly. Anyone else planning on attending? Lines! Drop me one.
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So. New job. Yah! and I'm totally off at 5 every day and 12:15 on Fridays. I start earlier though, and there's less computer free time during the day.

Next point, the source of the title. I don't need to add a new pup to my Milliways roster. No really, bad idea. I don't need to add a Negima! pup, and it certainly shouldn't be the one girl in the class uninvolved with magic.

Pay no attention at all to the issues inherent in having everyone hide magic from her as she hides Milliways from everyone at the school. The sweet, sweet resultant cra- NO! Not another one. Just because I read the volume that focuses on her during the Festival Arc is not a good reason.

Man I'm so weak

Note to self: Push links to Milliways and rules and such for enabling. Heh. Also, make Dr. Draken icons.
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It has come to me in a vision. Chick-tracks obviously depict the world if it had Christianity, but no one actually, you know, knew about it. It is clearly the same universe as where Left Behind happens.



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