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Dear Weather,
I know that it can be hard to remember the correct date at the start of a new month. I also know that this month starts with the letters 'M' and 'A'.


This is the month of May not the the month of March.

Please, please go back to rain. That doesn't need to be shoveled.

Feet wet from the slush,
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Alright. First point - people will tell you things like you can't pay off sleep debt by sleeping late one day a week and that it's not healthy.

I don't care. Sleeping late Saturdays keeps me sane enough to function, so bugger off.

Second point - where can I buy an iPod touch in this town with more than 8GB of memory? Seriously. (What? I'm coming to the whole iPod thing late in the game. I've generally had stereos available to me before now.)

Third point - the house now has four pianos in it. FOUR. The instruments will rise up and kill us all one night.

Fourth point - I might not have had enough sleep yet. (Goes, rereads the point before.) Yeah, probably not enough sleep. Unfortunately, it's a quarter to three in the afternoon, so time to be up anyway.

Fifth point - Will be getting a new desktop real soon now. Hopefully one that works. (Sounds of percussive maintenance from off-screen. Post damn you.)

Sixth point - Deadline for Animethon pre-reg looms quickly. Anyone else planning on attending? Lines! Drop me one.
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Dear Blue Cross,

You have apparently got you 'Good-Suck' knob turned to 'Suck'. The following are a few simple steps that may help with this.

First, I shouldn't have to turn on JavaScript to download a file. That's just silly.

Second, Firefox is a real browser. This means it should be able to open the pages and not crash because you hate the universe.

Third, not being able to save the forms as I complete them is bad. This lack of redundancy while enforcing, through demands for original receipts, that I will send you mail anyway is just extra silly.

No love,
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Just a quick reminder, your allergies are not a valid reason to wear more cologne or perfume.

In other news I've gone a little nuts making icons for Milliways. I'll slow down sometime when I'm not looking for new characters to app. This may take a while.

That's all.


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