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Anyone who can guess why I thought it was a good idea to, for the Werewolf LARP I'm in, attempt to render another player's backstory in iambic pentameter - and announce this to the other players ahead of time - I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

I need to avoid having it happen again.

The whole thing is angst and orphanages all the way down. Except when it's weird absent parents and generations long curses. (Interlocking backstory weirdness, we have cubs (including me) holding positions of power because there isn't anyone more senior who doesn't have a vital job... you know, all the crazy.)

Also work is in the middle of the pre-freeze foundation permit rush. Whee!
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I am not under water. Much of the province is, but not quite the parts I am in.

I am not dead from work. I may even stop sweating cola flavoring sometime this week.

I have been commuting by bicycle instead of by bus. I am more acclimated to it now - Friday is still a bit rough though.

And I'm all out of verbiage. Whoops!
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So work is still crazy, but no one really want to hear about that. Least of all me.

Instead I will tell you about my sister the rowing coach.
This morning, she was up at just after 5AM because there were texts to her phone about one of the coach boats down at the river being missing. (Stolen, really, the chain was cut.)

So this morning, she had to stop in at the police station to report some piracy.

The boat has been recovered since then. Based on the sticks found in it when it drifted to a stop, it looks like it was stolen and abandoned when it turned out that poling a boat along the river is work.

Who knew?


Feb. 14th, 2013 09:40 pm
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Today had work run long, the weather turn cold and a bunch of other things that don't matter.

What does matter is this: I got my membership postcard for Dragon*Con 2013 today.

Everything is full of nerds and nothing hurts.
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Dear Subconscious,
We are not a smoker. We have never been a smoker.
If I'm going to dream about a vice, let it be one I actually indulge in.
Also, while we're here, you can tell the body to remember that taste buds are supposed to work all day and that the cough is only happening to a fictional character, not out in the real world.

Going to go break out the sweaters,
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Right. One day of work left before I catch a plane to Atlanta.

I should... *pokes email links* check in sometime tomorrow apparently. My brain is basically pudding. Gah.

I hate these long full days.

At least I'm packed and everything is paid for. Even if I can't figure out what part of one of my shoes is bringing up Blisters while the other is fine and comfortable.
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Also enough water that it was like someone had just turned over a bucket. Seriously, there a flooded neighborhoods and one of the major east-west roads has sections that look more like a lake than tarmac.

Which is why I'm awake enough to write this and not just be staggering from the bathroom to the stove to cook an egg. Something, maybe extra loud thunder, I don't know, around 4AM woke me up and I didn't manage to get back to sleep.

So, body clock is going to be transposed about two hours. If I pass out earlier from tagging Millifolk, you'll know why.

(Oh hey, weather folks on the radio predict a 60% chance for even more lightning this afternoon. Fun times!)
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Moving Friday. Still not done packing things from around my room. Uncertain about what internet will be like around the move date.

When did I get all this junk? Why did I think I needed to buy that many books on the Templars, or Atlantis, or boxed AD&D settings? Sure they were all on sale at the time...

I know why I ended up with five empty butter cookie tins, but why, oh why, did I keep the blamed things? Just having them off in a corner is no excuse.

Send help, and hard candy. Toffee keeps me from screaming in terror properly.
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Some days I love the internet and how it enables me.

Nanking cherry plants, care and recepies.

I have the fruit soaking off the stones in a bowl upstairs even now.
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I do better in a routine. I like a little structure, most people do I think. You get up, get clean, get dressed, eat and do something that makes the universe better.

Sort some files. Build a box. Throw out a pile of junk that was clogging your life.

Some days I will settle for reading an idea that’s new to me if nobody else.

Most days actually.

I need a new routine. One with more accomplishments in it.

And money. Because there’s no way I’m going to save enough to retire on if I don’t have a job.
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Something is redirecting my Google searches in Chrome away from Wikipedia to add sites. I really hope I can solve this without resorting to the sort of annual salt and burn of the harddrive.
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There is a small article that is, to all appearances, the corner stone of a field of study that one of the NocaSises is involved in.

It is: Richard Toop, 'Four Facets of "The New Complexity" ', Contact, no. 32. (Spring 1988), pp.4-50.

It's not available to anyone. Google doesn't have it scanned. Searches just aren't working. Send help.

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I'm in roughly three D&D games right now. Running one and playing in two. These are Ravenloft, Eberron Noir and Demon House.

Now, we have trouble staying in genre as players. So, um, things aren't always what they say on the tin. So I'm making an effort to correct some view that might be wrong on these that could have cropped up.

Ebberron Noir is supposed to be black, bleak and corrupt. Instead we break into places by using the fact that one of the players in a licensed sewer inspector with forged PI papers. As such it's less Chandler and a more Buffy. Possibly some Adam West Batman in there, but that's mostly because I renamed our police contact to Commissioner Gordon.

Similarly, the magical frat house is neither Buffy, nor Harry Potter, but more like Animal House. I, um, may have been declared to have been involved in an incident where we took apart the Dean's horse and reassembled it on the roof of his house. A tragic act of type casting that results from playing a necromancer. Yes.

Ravenloft, instead of gothic horror is turning out much more like the Venture Borthers. Which is what helps make the writeup funny yes, but still.

Hope this clarifies things,
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Dear Metabolism,

Just because there's a LARP starting up on Friday does not mean I need to sleep for two people now. A persona modeled loosely on Gomez Addams will be fine great on sleep deprivation and caffeine any way. Get back to normal or something but get over this. Lent's coming up, and that's no fun for anyone even without this.

Nodding off on the train,
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I demand a recount.

Yesterday the international airport outside of town said we hit -46 C, making us the second coldest place on the planet that had people to notice.

Normally I like winter (though fall is better). Plenty of layers, a good furnace and pots of tea cover a wide range of temperatures. This is nuts. My nose hurt on the way to the train this morning from the cold because with the gap between the eye pieces there was nothing covering that part of my body.

Cold is all well and good, but if I'm not spending the day under a layer of blankets, there has to be limits.

And then it's supposed to be up around -4C (about 25F) by Friday.

This isn't weather, it's ambushes!

If anyone needs me, I'll be turning the thermostat up again.
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Hey Folks-

I´m writing to you from painfully sunny Equador. Now I´ve had my poor pale self out in more sun over the last three days than I usually get in a month. Probably more than I get otherwise for the whole winter. I´m thinking about investing in aloe vera.

I also speak essentially no Spanish. Canadian children´s television has left me with a small amount of French. School, Tae Kwon Do, and anime have beaten some knowledge of asian languages into me, but I have no romance.

Inca Cola is good. It´s knd oif a cafinated cream soda. Apparently more common in Peru. If the bottles were carry-on sized I´d be tempted to supliment on the flight back.

Oh! Fin, Lakira, there are postcards on their way to you and your SOs. We´ll see how that turns out.

There are other things to say, but I can´t think of them now. So, until next time.

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Right then.

Some of you already know this, but what the heck.

On Thursday (the 18th) I skip the country for a few weeks. I'll be back *checks notes* on January 5th when I will nap and then have a bunch of caffeine before going to work.

OK, so there are planning issues. Whatever.

Email will be irregular. LJ will happen even less than it does now. (I know, that's supposed to be impossible.) Chat? Ahahahahaha! No.

Laters peoples,
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Things I've Been Up To
Cabinetry - Nearing completion for current project. That being the thing that replaces my current bedside table. There'll be photos when it's just a bit more finished. Promise.
                - Next project is either a new wardrobe or a new desk. My current ones are not meeting my needs.
Milliways - Working on apps for Ako [ profile] seat_five_girl and Tyler [ profile] aleister_author. Also, OoM's for Jerry [ profile] mything_person and mad plans for Yunno [ profile] magic_ferret.
D&D - Killed the wizard in the party I'm DMing for. He'll get better, but it does them some good to notice that not all the rolls are fudged.
LARPing - New game starts tomorrow. Pirates!
Facebook - the Knighthood application needs a bridge dropped on it, then the bridge needs to explode. I may also be biased. This does not, however, make me necessarily wrong.
Dance Club - Started the previous Tuesday. Not in favour of the current instructor. A certain amount of flair is great for competition, or advanced classes. Showing the basics of waltzing? Not so much. Simple boys. Simple first so we have something to build from.

I think that's everything.
*blink, blink*
Am I missing anything? Remind me, please.
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