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Going to D*C.
Working crazy hours (it's slowed down though, from last year. Now it's two or three days a week at 12+ hours instead of five.)

Still going to D*C anyway. So.

Anyone want to do a friends request thing?
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Milli-peeps at Dragon*Con!

There was something about a getting together. Did that go anywhere?

(I also haven't arranged a phone number that works yet for Atlanta, but I have a Kindle with me so I'll be able to check my email.)

EDIT: Phone now arranged! Email for number.
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Right. One day of work left before I catch a plane to Atlanta.

I should... *pokes email links* check in sometime tomorrow apparently. My brain is basically pudding. Gah.

I hate these long full days.

At least I'm packed and everything is paid for. Even if I can't figure out what part of one of my shoes is bringing up Blisters while the other is fine and comfortable.
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So, um, I'm kind of behind on things.

Anyone from Milliways going to D*C and wouldn't mind another wallet to split the cost? (I really should have booked things two months ago, yes.)

EDIT: Hotel booked a half hour walk away from the Con. I have a sofa sleeper, apparently, in addition to the bed. Good to know.

Comments screened for privacy purposes.
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This past weekend was the local science fiction convention. On Sunday I was stopping on my way in to run a few errands at a mall downtown. Not the closest place to do it, but on the rail line and all the stops are essentially no distance from each other as far as effort on my part goes.

The rail stop and the mall are connected by tunnel. Which is only sensible given that the temperature was in the neighborhood of -15C (5F for those of you south of the border) BEFORE the windchill came into play. In the tunnel there is a point were things are wider and buskers often set up shop.

Joy of joys, the one present as I passed through was able to carry a tune. Better than that I recognized the song to sing along in my head. Not unusual - my parents gifted me with a solid love of folk music and wide ranging listening habits. Then I recognized what I was subvocalizing along with.


Yeah, I left a couple bucks.
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So today I go to Atlanta for Dragon*Con, and I have nothing set up to run into people.

Tag in here if you want to set up some sort of a meeting, or throw something to my email and we can hold our schedules up against each other and we'll see what overlaps.


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Once upon a time* I said I'd have photos. I've taken a few since then. so, um, photo dump under the cuts? Click the thumbnails for the full sizes, you know the drill.

Animethon '09 )
Pure Spec '09 )
What happened to the house near to a friend's place or Why you keep the heat on around here. )
The LARP is going well, I think. We may be running towards gonzo-ism, but it'll be a fun fall. Now it's to be early to bed so I can do the usual early Monday meeting.

* August of 2009. Oops?
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Or rather it was, being as how Animethon 16 has wrapped three hours and change ago.

Got a nice pocket watch, saw some shows I'll no doubt end up torrenting fansubs of for a second look, laughed at the AMVs.

More details and some pictures when I don't feel like I'm going to faceplant into the keyboard.

Woooooooooooooooooooooo! *falls over*
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Alright. First point - people will tell you things like you can't pay off sleep debt by sleeping late one day a week and that it's not healthy.

I don't care. Sleeping late Saturdays keeps me sane enough to function, so bugger off.

Second point - where can I buy an iPod touch in this town with more than 8GB of memory? Seriously. (What? I'm coming to the whole iPod thing late in the game. I've generally had stereos available to me before now.)

Third point - the house now has four pianos in it. FOUR. The instruments will rise up and kill us all one night.

Fourth point - I might not have had enough sleep yet. (Goes, rereads the point before.) Yeah, probably not enough sleep. Unfortunately, it's a quarter to three in the afternoon, so time to be up anyway.

Fifth point - Will be getting a new desktop real soon now. Hopefully one that works. (Sounds of percussive maintenance from off-screen. Post damn you.)

Sixth point - Deadline for Animethon pre-reg looms quickly. Anyone else planning on attending? Lines! Drop me one.

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Oct. 20th, 2008 07:38 pm
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I said I'd have pictures.
Look, here there are. )

This replaces a very poor assembly melamine boards.

The unfinished portion is the front of the drawer, the pull is still under construction.

I also went to Pure Spec this past weekend. It was good. I'm short on sleep, and the caffeine is lacking it's regular kick though.

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Coming up quick like a bunny is the local Anime event. Sooo, on the eighth, ninth and tenth of the coming month I'm probably not going to sleep in any way that you might notice.

Nor will I be online, except for half hour chunks when I stumble home for solid food, a shower and a nap to restock my caffeine supply.

I have vague plans. I does, I does.


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