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So, um, I'm kind of behind on things.

Anyone from Milliways going to D*C and wouldn't mind another wallet to split the cost? (I really should have booked things two months ago, yes.)

EDIT: Hotel booked a half hour walk away from the Con. I have a sofa sleeper, apparently, in addition to the bed. Good to know.

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So today I go to Atlanta for Dragon*Con, and I have nothing set up to run into people.

Tag in here if you want to set up some sort of a meeting, or throw something to my email and we can hold our schedules up against each other and we'll see what overlaps.


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This is where I realise that I know more about getting around on trains in London England or Atlanta Georgia than I do in Calgary Alberta.

So much for traveling locally.
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Hey Folks-

I´m writing to you from painfully sunny Equador. Now I´ve had my poor pale self out in more sun over the last three days than I usually get in a month. Probably more than I get otherwise for the whole winter. I´m thinking about investing in aloe vera.

I also speak essentially no Spanish. Canadian children´s television has left me with a small amount of French. School, Tae Kwon Do, and anime have beaten some knowledge of asian languages into me, but I have no romance.

Inca Cola is good. It´s knd oif a cafinated cream soda. Apparently more common in Peru. If the bottles were carry-on sized I´d be tempted to supliment on the flight back.

Oh! Fin, Lakira, there are postcards on their way to you and your SOs. We´ll see how that turns out.

There are other things to say, but I can´t think of them now. So, until next time.

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Right then.

Some of you already know this, but what the heck.

On Thursday (the 18th) I skip the country for a few weeks. I'll be back *checks notes* on January 5th when I will nap and then have a bunch of caffeine before going to work.

OK, so there are planning issues. Whatever.

Email will be irregular. LJ will happen even less than it does now. (I know, that's supposed to be impossible.) Chat? Ahahahahaha! No.

Laters peoples,


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