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This past weekend was the local science fiction convention. On Sunday I was stopping on my way in to run a few errands at a mall downtown. Not the closest place to do it, but on the rail line and all the stops are essentially no distance from each other as far as effort on my part goes.

The rail stop and the mall are connected by tunnel. Which is only sensible given that the temperature was in the neighborhood of -15C (5F for those of you south of the border) BEFORE the windchill came into play. In the tunnel there is a point were things are wider and buskers often set up shop.

Joy of joys, the one present as I passed through was able to carry a tune. Better than that I recognized the song to sing along in my head. Not unusual - my parents gifted me with a solid love of folk music and wide ranging listening habits. Then I recognized what I was subvocalizing along with.


Yeah, I left a couple bucks.
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Once upon a time* I said I'd have photos. I've taken a few since then. so, um, photo dump under the cuts? Click the thumbnails for the full sizes, you know the drill.

Animethon '09 )
Pure Spec '09 )
What happened to the house near to a friend's place or Why you keep the heat on around here. )
The LARP is going well, I think. We may be running towards gonzo-ism, but it'll be a fun fall. Now it's to be early to bed so I can do the usual early Monday meeting.

* August of 2009. Oops?
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Dear Metabolism,

Just because there's a LARP starting up on Friday does not mean I need to sleep for two people now. A persona modeled loosely on Gomez Addams will be fine great on sleep deprivation and caffeine any way. Get back to normal or something but get over this. Lent's coming up, and that's no fun for anyone even without this.

Nodding off on the train,
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I demand a recount.

Yesterday the international airport outside of town said we hit -46 C, making us the second coldest place on the planet that had people to notice.

Normally I like winter (though fall is better). Plenty of layers, a good furnace and pots of tea cover a wide range of temperatures. This is nuts. My nose hurt on the way to the train this morning from the cold because with the gap between the eye pieces there was nothing covering that part of my body.

Cold is all well and good, but if I'm not spending the day under a layer of blankets, there has to be limits.

And then it's supposed to be up around -4C (about 25F) by Friday.

This isn't weather, it's ambushes!

If anyone needs me, I'll be turning the thermostat up again.
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Right, so. Went to [ profile] the_tall_man's and [ profile] finaira's to try out Cog Wars.

Good times. )
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... But I'm reading up on gold panning. It'll probably burn it's self out as an idea before the river begins to thaw. But, this is better than a number of options.

Like, say, putting together a RP journal for a Draka. Probably an Ingolfsson.

I don't like the Draka. They terrify me. Why am I sketching what the bio would look like and worrying how to write the accent?



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