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Here we go again. Even less than usual this time, due to extra digressions and arguments that had nothing to do with D&D, let alone the game. They weren't even funny digressions, alas.

High Points
  • Relationship with the Not!Gypsies and Dame Edna remain friendly. (Must remember to bring out the pickpockets...)
  • Powers from the Swamp Fane: Claimed!
  • Dire Wolves: Defeated, but not all killed.
  • They set off a 20 foot tall pillar of flame in the process. That should provide reason for the authorities to take an active issue. It's not like it has to complete with Loglow or gas well flaring in Bavoria.

Memorable Quotes
  • "I don't think you have the levels [in Heal] to handle being stuffed and mounted."
  • "I'll just write a letter to the Kobold Anti-Defamation League!"
  • "That'll pickle their gherkins!"
  • "You know, Howling Wolves All Around Me would make a great band name." "So a track would be, In the Place of My Birth?" "No, that's an album It's Cold and I'm Hungry's a track."
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I'm in roughly three D&D games right now. Running one and playing in two. These are Ravenloft, Eberron Noir and Demon House.

Now, we have trouble staying in genre as players. So, um, things aren't always what they say on the tin. So I'm making an effort to correct some view that might be wrong on these that could have cropped up.

Ebberron Noir is supposed to be black, bleak and corrupt. Instead we break into places by using the fact that one of the players in a licensed sewer inspector with forged PI papers. As such it's less Chandler and a more Buffy. Possibly some Adam West Batman in there, but that's mostly because I renamed our police contact to Commissioner Gordon.

Similarly, the magical frat house is neither Buffy, nor Harry Potter, but more like Animal House. I, um, may have been declared to have been involved in an incident where we took apart the Dean's horse and reassembled it on the roof of his house. A tragic act of type casting that results from playing a necromancer. Yes.

Ravenloft, instead of gothic horror is turning out much more like the Venture Borthers. Which is what helps make the writeup funny yes, but still.

Hope this clarifies things,
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It's that time again campers.
They're still doing really well. I don't think we've had a fight run for more than two rounds either. Ah well.

High Points
  • PCs make the checks for Dame Edna Madam Eva to actually explain things. The travel itinerary is set up: Church, waterfall, a series of vigils about the area and a fight with the Baron. Should be wrapped in no time.
  • The assault on the church to stop the zombie attacks was conducted by jumping through the roof. Opponent spell casters continue to be taken out by things like throwing bears at them.
  • Followed the river up to the falls, fought a crazy dwarf trapper. (Which I'm sure I've fought in somebody else's game. Right down to the pile of sleeping furs. It's bugging me...)

Memorable Quotes
  • "Shamans in the north use Ice to Flesh to help feed the tribe in lean times."
  • "I have knowledge geopgraphy, so I know things about waterfalls; like how to chase them." "I don't." "Well that one should stick with the rivers and the lakes that he's used to."
  • "Attacking the ground to prevent taking damage - like the Hulk!"
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'Cause we sure ain't fast enough for a run here.

Except those flying snow weasels. Shoot but those things boogie.

High Points
  • They defeated the zombie attack in the town square. Easily.
  • Then they replaced the barricades of debris with a couple castings of Wall of Stone. (He'll run out of spell castings. Eventually. Friggin' Bowie...)
  • Talks came next with the local Paladin figure and the local knighthood of Totally Not EvilTM. I'm expecting the call for substitution levels to come soon.
  • Next on the agenda, after another pair of snow weasels, was a trip to Madam Eva the head of the Gypsies Vistanis.

Memorable Quotes
  • "What happens in Bavoria, stays in Bavoria." "Except mummy rot. That's forever." "I told you to stop licking the undead!"
  • "It starts like a Christmas special and ends like a German safety video."
  • "What was the name again Madam..." "Dame Edna!"
  • "If you slap a solipist, it's not your fault!"
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Last night I started running the guys through the 3.5 Ravenloft version. We play slowly, so there were only three minor fights during the session.

High Points
  • They were riding illusionary flying snow weasels

  • They oiled the gate into the region, to get rid of that creepy squeaking

  • Then they tinkered with fixing the decapitated statues along side it

  • The major spell caster is a sort of kobold David Bowie

  • His good buddy is another kobold with OCD issues about closed doors. Vestiges.

Memorable Quotes
  • "What doesn't kill me makes me weaker? Is that the Reverse Nietzsche Gambit?"

  • "The Double Reverse Nietzsche Gambit!" "So Life Drain then?"

  • "Kind of like dorm cooking. 'What can I cook on my lighter??'"


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