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I'm going to try an exercise routine.

Nothing huge really. Some extra cardio every second day. Tweaking my diet a touch - less starch, more veg - that sort of thing.

I'll write in to report results as they come.

200 and hopefully counting down.
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Or rather it was, being as how Animethon 16 has wrapped three hours and change ago.

Got a nice pocket watch, saw some shows I'll no doubt end up torrenting fansubs of for a second look, laughed at the AMVs.

More details and some pictures when I don't feel like I'm going to faceplant into the keyboard.

Woooooooooooooooooooooo! *falls over*
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Things I've Been Up To
Cabinetry - Nearing completion for current project. That being the thing that replaces my current bedside table. There'll be photos when it's just a bit more finished. Promise.
                - Next project is either a new wardrobe or a new desk. My current ones are not meeting my needs.
Milliways - Working on apps for Ako [ profile] seat_five_girl and Tyler [ profile] aleister_author. Also, OoM's for Jerry [ profile] mything_person and mad plans for Yunno [ profile] magic_ferret.
D&D - Killed the wizard in the party I'm DMing for. He'll get better, but it does them some good to notice that not all the rolls are fudged.
LARPing - New game starts tomorrow. Pirates!
Facebook - the Knighthood application needs a bridge dropped on it, then the bridge needs to explode. I may also be biased. This does not, however, make me necessarily wrong.
Dance Club - Started the previous Tuesday. Not in favour of the current instructor. A certain amount of flair is great for competition, or advanced classes. Showing the basics of waltzing? Not so much. Simple boys. Simple first so we have something to build from.

I think that's everything.
*blink, blink*
Am I missing anything? Remind me, please.


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