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Power is power. That is one of the underpinnings of the work. Electricity can run any curse or charm you like and usually does. It’s easy to turn on and off, ready for surges and it’s clean. Not flavored like working with sacrifices or times of year or even the human mind. You need other things to pull it all together, money mostly. You can not pay the utilities in vouchers woven up from their own electricity - it just will not take. So well sell our effects for real cash and real favors and we use that to buy real electricity.

Some of the younger crew want to try stand co-generators, but that mean you need more paperwork and more records and that leaves a trail. They will not do that here and when the witch-finders come they will have to leave it all behind and start again. It is easier to just buy from the utility in the first place and not buy the stock. It keeps things impersonal. Flavorless.

Some days I go crazy and attempt something original )
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Internets, I thought I was a bad writer. I thought that I abused commas like Red Green with Duct Tape.

That was before I found Reasoning With Vampires. Stephenie Meyer makes me look like a freaking miser with commas and ellipses and sentence fragments. It's all very reassuring.

Well not as a reader mind you, but as someone who occasionally dabbles in content production.


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