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So today I go to Atlanta for Dragon*Con, and I have nothing set up to run into people.

Tag in here if you want to set up some sort of a meeting, or throw something to my email and we can hold our schedules up against each other and we'll see what overlaps.


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I pulled most all of this from the Open Manufacturing list. For people living in small, rectangular spaces.

Example cases, so I'm not just making things up )
The proposed next step in the OM list was to try and make this usable for the urban nomad. IE wedge yourself in between two sets of adds, bootleg the power you need from the lights and catch your water from rain.

It's a fun design challenge, but I wouldn't want to live there. Not long term.
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It has recently occurred to me recently that the Monty Python Sketch 'How Not to be Seen' is probably a real training film in the Fallout universe. It has that sort of feel to it, am I right?

Anyway, instead of the regular D&D game on Saturday night we had the Black Goat with a Thousand Young. Not the expansion, but that was the opponent. My character was an author. Thanks to the cards drawn she was essentially John Woo's the Author though. Dual wielding .38s made an impression on anyone that wasn't impervious to physical attacks. No one even went crazy! Not bad when there was only three of us playing I think. Well, J's magician did poorly since spells got blocked in the first turn but mostly he just got beaten up and mugged by ghosts a few times.

More news if I think of something interesting,
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Right, so. Went to [ profile] the_tall_man's and [ profile] finaira's to try out Cog Wars.

Good times. )


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