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So. New job. Yah! and I'm totally off at 5 every day and 12:15 on Fridays. I start earlier though, and there's less computer free time during the day.

Next point, the source of the title. I don't need to add a new pup to my Milliways roster. No really, bad idea. I don't need to add a Negima! pup, and it certainly shouldn't be the one girl in the class uninvolved with magic.

Pay no attention at all to the issues inherent in having everyone hide magic from her as she hides Milliways from everyone at the school. The sweet, sweet resultant cra- NO! Not another one. Just because I read the volume that focuses on her during the Festival Arc is not a good reason.

Man I'm so weak

Note to self: Push links to Milliways and rules and such for enabling. Heh. Also, make Dr. Draken icons.
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Just a quick reminder, your allergies are not a valid reason to wear more cologne or perfume.

In other news I've gone a little nuts making icons for Milliways. I'll slow down sometime when I'm not looking for new characters to app. This may take a while.

That's all.
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Just got my acceptance from [ profile] milliways_bar for Jerry. Score.

Now I just have to know where he is in Chicago, simulate a man with a doctorate in classics and interact with the other people in the community fast enough that they continue to play along.

Also icons.

Slightly nervous? Who, me?
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Free! I'm out of work and had a few hours nap. Which means I'm here and writing to you. Also that my sleep cycle is shot to hell, but diurnal cycles are for chumps.

Those of you who see me in person will know that I have stated my intention to join [ profile] milliways_bar with [personal profile] mything_person. Only thing is I have no icons for poor Jerry. Adam Goldberg seems to have potential, so that's what I'm going with. Not that I've figured out how to make icons yet. Aah well.
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They are very shiny and far, far better than thinking about if I passed all my classes. Or going to work again.
So, to conclude.
Look at the pretty pictures.


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